Youth Across The Globe Want More Discussion Around Agriculture & Gender Equality Towards 6th Brazil Africa Forum

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Youth & Agriculture

Agriculture has an image problem. For the majority of the world’s youth, agriculture isn’t an attractive avenue of employment. Most youth think of it as back-breaking labor without an economic pay-off and little room for career advancement. Rural youth are the future of food security. Yet around the world, few young people see a future for themselves in agriculture or rural areas.


Youth & Gender Equality

A deeper look at the global population brings out a striking image of the ever increasing gender disparities in the way societies treat young women and men. On one hand, women are still treated as subordinates in many parts of the world; they face multiple layers of discrimination; a range of interrelated challenges affect their leadership in economic, social, political, cultural and civil spheres; and those belonging to certain class and ethnicity also face compounded levels of discrimination.


While on the other hand, their male peers are often seen enjoying better treatment, which further results in a higher status and an improved position in the society. This is not to say that men do not face any discrimination at all. They do, especially when it is related to ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, and disability.


With this view, youth will like to see more discussion around agriculture and gender quality. The forum will focused more on Youth Empowerment: Transformation to achieve Sustainable Development.

We are always ready to keep the engagement going and more sustainable.