African Youth Pastoral Initiative (AYPI)


The Year 2026 has been declared the Year of Rangelands and Pastoralists (IYRP) by the United Nations. In preparation for this a series of consultations with pastoralist youth across the world will take place over
the next three years to develop a vision for pastoralism in the face of climate change. A sustainable yet
forward-looking pastoralism can bring adaptation, mitigation and economic growth benefits. We invite you to come together with other pastoralist youth to start developing that vision!


Explore rangelands and pastoralist communities in different regions of the world!
Find out how rangelands and pastoralists contribute to
culture, economy and environmental health!
See the beauty of the rangelands and listen to stories of the people who care for them!



  • The first in a series of these visioning consultations was held at Lukenya University, Makueni Kenya
    from 27-29 September 2022. Participants will be those working and living in pastoral areas in Kenya,
    Tanzania and Ethiopia. Participants are expected to fully participate for the three days, sharing
    experiences, knowledge and skills, whilst also being open to learn from others including practical
    examples in the field to equip participants with climate change mitigation strategies and adaptation
    options. It will also be a space to talk about challenges and opportunities of pastoralism among youth,
    building up rapport and critical mass, with opportunity to join CSAYN (Climate Smart Agriculture Youth
    Network) and the IYRP international support group after the event.
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