FieldScope Project


Transforming science education through research-driven innovation. Powering Citizen Science with FieldScope.

FieldScope is an innovative map-based data collection and analysis platform managed by BSCS Science Learning. It supports citizen and community science projects and other initiatives with tools to collect data from dispersed geographic locations and to analyze trends, patterns and change over time, including the impact of interventions. GCSAYN FieldScope Project


FieldScope enables organizations, community members and learners to monitor and actively address issues, such as environmental and social challenges, that are concerning to them. It empowers participants in projects to use maps, graphs, and other visualization tools to make meaning of crowd-sourced datasets and turn data into stories that can be used in science communication and grassroots advocacy.


These value statements were developed by BSCS’s Working Group on People and Culture over a 6-month period in close consultation with the entire staff and the board of directors. They serve as the basis for internal planning and processes, including the goal-setting and review process for all staff.

We take care of ourselves and each other.
 We are dedicated to building relationships that appreciate individual strengths, boundaries and experiences. Honoring our shared humanity supports us in thriving as individuals and a community.

We are driven by our excitement and enthusiasm towards transforming science education. 
We bring and seek new ideas, perspectives, and possibilities because we know they are essential to fuel our creativity.

Our work is grounded in collaboration within our organization and with our network of partners.
 We acknowledge our best work is interrelated and co-created. Our shared success is dependent on mutual trust, honoring commitments, and balancing needs.

We are a community of learners. 
We support each other by investing in opportunities for personal and professional development because we believe that learning propels our collective innovation.

We are committed to being anti-oppressive. 
We recognize that dismantling oppressive structures requires the ongoing examination of our own beliefs and behaviors within our organization. We will develop shared language, and refine systems towards equity and inclusion.

We strive to advance science education.
 We value the practice and ideals of science. We have the courage to take risks with intention as we aim to achieve meaningful and positive impacts that transform the future of science.


In the FieldScope Help Center, you can find a range of articles to learn more about FieldScope and the many tools and features available. Here is a selection of articles to get started with:


  • FieldScope is developed, maintained, and supported by BSCS Science Learning. Prior to 2016, FieldScope had been developed and managed by the National Geographic Society under the leadership of current BSCS Executive Director Dr. Daniel Edelson.