We are one of the 17 initiating partners of NGIN, the NextGen Ag Impact Network.

Climate Smart Agriculture Youth Network Global along with 16 partner organizations within the agriculture and the food value chain, joined the NextGen Ag Impact Network (NGIN) Coalition, a new global system of networks geared toward making it easier for youth to fight global food insecurity while engaging in purposeful and rewarding professional activities in agriculture.  Youth are explicit and active part of the Coalition and will be having a voice and a vote in the co-creation and steering processes, right from the start!

NGIN, its impact programs and offerings, is being co-created by this Coalition of initiating partners and sets out to bring the different perspectives, areas of expertise and networks offered by each of its separate partners under one umbrella. This “one stop shop” will provide those with a passion for sustainable agriculture a place to build an impact community, network, find training, upskilling, mentoring, advocacy, speaking and job opportunities, as well as potential entrepreneurial programs to increase their involvement and leadership skills. NGIN’s vision is for young changemakers to become the agricultural leaders of the future who impact on the ecological, economic, and social transformation of food systems. To achieve this, NGIN co-creates opportunities for more a sustainable and prosperous future in agriculture.


“Youth represent the creativity and energy that is sorely needed to end hunger, poverty, and inequality,” said one of NGIN’s partners, Dickson Naftali, Head of Generation Africa, AGRA. “Their inclusion will ensure that the future is safe, and resources are utilized responsibly to ensure sustained food safety for years to come.”


Taking direction from the UN Sustainable Development Goal 17 (“Partnerships for the Goals”) which calls for strengthening and renovating the way global partnerships are managed, NGIN’s hopes to empower young people in agriculture and related fields with leverage from its connections and collaborations. NGIN seeks to engage and support the next generation of agricultural leaders, ages 15-29, in their quest to help build more sustainable, inclusive, innovative and equitable food systems around the globe. Matching the needs of these youth with program offerings with help them make an impact for sustainability now and steer the future of agriculture.

For more information about the coalition, visit:  www.nginag.org