Zero Hunger Challenge Pledge

CSAYN shall address the following thematic areas: Zero Stunted Children Less Than 2 Years (nutrition), 100% increase in Smallholder Productivity and Income (support family farmers) and Zero Loss or Waste of Food.

In order to tackle the following challenges, CSAYN will implement a week of mobilization and advocacy on ZERO Hunger Campaign in schools, market places and hospitals to scale-up the eradication of malnutrition among youth and people living with disabilities across all CSAYN countries.

More to this, capacity building training shall be organized within 12 months to reach out to rural and urban communities especially in educational environment per pilot country to address new technologies in agricultural settings enable all community-based farmers to be smart before cultivation and harvesting of their products while taking climate change into consideration.

As one of the contributing factors to support family farmers sustainable income-generating approaches, such as the production of the main cash crops, shall be at the forefront of CSAYN implementing strategies.

However, the production of these cash crops will be promoted alongside in-depth studies on how to produce the crops using CSA and agro-ecology techniques.

As for now, our pilot countries to implement our activities are: Kenya, Cameroon and Nigeria. However our activities will expand to the rest of Africa, considering we have members and colleagues from all over the continent.