Operation Green School – Call to Earth Day – Cameroon

The Call to Earth Day is the most celebrated International Event in the world. It reminds us of the beautiful planet we have. GCSAYN had been appointed by CNN to carry out activities all over the world. In Cameroon, it was celebrated on the 9 to 10th November 2021 at the Government Bilingual Primary School Biyem-Assi SIC Yaounde at this end. The main goal was to give the school a green environment by planting trees (ornamental trees, fruit trees, and flowers), which aligns with the Green School project launched by the government. this activity is also part of the Children and Youth in Agriculture (CYA) program carried by GCSAYN on a global scale with the aim of being able to educate, sensitize, encourage and involve children and youth in the agricultural value chain from their earliest years.

GCSAYN in collaboration with ANAFOR  had as objective to plant 300 trees on the school campus. It was attended by the Mayor of Yaounde VI, the inspector, a representative from the ministry of basic education and CRTV, the teachers, and the students from school. We brought the children to plant their trees and promised to take care of them. Educated them on environmental protection.

The MD said “He is giving what the school gave him”