Natural Fruit Juice Production

14 AUGUST, 2017

Naturally-made products are by far, the best for human consumption, according to nutritionists and the officers of health departments in general. They are regarded as important members of our daily diet due to their characteristics as being rich sources of nutrients and their wonderful aid to digestion in the human body.

The whole idea of natural fruits juice production came as a result of the excessive availability and sale of much chemical-based beverages in our local market which harbour some dangerous effects to our health.

Looking at the Chemical composition of a majority of the various brands of beverages in the market, one might be safe to assume that they are a major causes of the increased incidences of diseases such as Diabetes, cancers and a host of others.

However, the introduction of natural drinks that more nutritious and zero percent (0%) dangerous, is so far the best. Giving it a bit of thought, Pawpaw (Asiminatriloba) is one of the fruits which are not acidic and does not cause the increased gastric juice level in the human bowel, is the major cause of gastric ulcer. It is very soft and ease digestion, and can be easily consumed by any age group.

I started the Natural Juice production last year at home for our own consumption at home. A friend and brother of ours visited us at home one day while we were on the process of production and he tried to encourage us to widen our scope and today we are already supplying to customers who enjoy natural fruits and juices.

The steps involved in the production of homemade pawpaw fruit juice include the following:

  • Peeling and dicing of the fruit


  • Blending


  • Pouring into storage bottles


  • Branding with labels


Behold the finished products