Kenya leads the Climate Smart Agriculture Youth Network’s Centers of Excellence in Africa

In order to foster the development and localization of the SDGs across the African continent and beyond, the Climate Smart Agriculture Youth Network Global (GCSAYN) is serving as the driving engine, and Kenya has taken the lead. Tackling climate change and environmental education, needs youth meaningful participation being the leaders of today. Creating awareness within the sphere of youth in Africa on Climate Change is promising because they constitute the greater percentage on the globe serving as the greatest asset for Climate action as they are conscientized.

In this regards this, three (03) representatives of Centers of Excellence namely: Dr. Wangila Phanice representing the Njoro Precious Schools (Women in Agriculture for Sustainable Africa – WASA, Children, Youth in Agriculture- CYA Head Quarters and the University of Kabianga serving as the Lead GCSAYN African Hub) respectively, Mr. Sammy Chemoiwa and Mrs. Irene Njoki Kimani representing RVIST the Head Quarters for GCSAYN TVETS all met Mr. Ejaj Ahmad, CEO Global Youth Leadership Center (GYLC), California, USA at Kenya to enhance adaptation measures for climate change.

It was indeed a remarkable moment seeing the actualization of these resourced people influencing the lives of youth positively towards building the capacity to domesticate the SDGs to curtail Climate Action (SDG 13) across Kenya, Africa, and globally.