Introducing: CSAYN Madagascar Country Coordinator

28 AUGUST, 2017

My name is Jessica Rakotoarisoa. I am 28 and I currently work for UNICEF Madagascar. I am in charge of communication for development through some projects including youth participation.


Since November 2015, I have been a creative social entrepreneur. I created the first solar bag and accessories brand NOMAD, produced by marginalized local workers in Madagascar. Our team is composed of women and men voluntarily recruited in vulnerable areas, and we consistently provide training on diverse themes such as ‘creativity’. The trainings are provided with the goal to provide them an opportunity to acquire skills to help them achieve their best possible lives. Each accessory is produced from natural fibres and recovered materials (tissue and plastic). The recovered materials are collected in different ways: at supermarkets or through a partner association called FAKOTÔRY, where I am also a general secretary. My little sister founded it. it’s a social enterprise that aims to manage and reduce waste, create jobs and incomes for marginalized populations. FAKOTORY is currently composed of young volunteers under 35.

I took part in the Cop22 and I had the chance to visit the CSAYN stand. I was very impressed by the commitment and the empowerment of young people through activities. I want to share this vision in my country. I believe that young people have a vital role in improving the collective and economic wellbeing of their communities, thanks to their creativity and innovative thinking. With the right support, they have the skills and strength to lead and participate in efforts to generate change. In Madagascar, it is crucial to engage young professionals, as we make up over 70% of population. This is my motivation.

First, I think Nomad and Fakotory are good practices that we can share thanks to the good leadership. We use simple things, we educate people through easy and sustainable habits which can change life and help environment and just with resources available.

It encourages people to move on, to believe on themselves as actors of change. It is also important to allow youths in communities, to express themselves, to feel better, to understand their future and how they can protect and improve it.

Ultimately, these are the ways to achieve CSAYN and UN-SD Goals.