Introducing: CSAYN Indonesia Country Coordinator

Ahmad Faruq is a 25 years old gentleman, living in Indonesia. He was introduced and linked to CSAYN by his friend, Achmad Solikhin, who is the focal point for UN agencies and the founder of Indonesian Green Action Forum (IGAF). Ahmad Farouq

He has been a member of IGAF for as long 3 years until now. Currently, he works as a member of the advisory board of IGAF. IGAF is a platform in Indonesia which engages youth, children, and local communities in focusing on environmental protection. They educate citizen on how to protect the environment from harm. They are also involved in activities such as reforestation of degraded forest and many more.

My motivation to join CSAYN is to get more knowledge and experience about agriculture, because my parent is a farmer. Another motivation is to benefit from added international youth networking experience.

The fundamental factor why he joined, according to him, is the very fast developing globalization. He also believes that by linking the activities between IGAF and CSAYN, their individual goals can be achieved more easily.