Indonesia Team Activities

This meeting discussed about the preparation for launching event of the Indonesian chapter and formulation of plan of action after launching. The team has established a good relationship with a youth platform Indonesian Green Action Forum (IGAF) that works on environment concern at their Bogor Agricultural University base. So, in October there will be a collaboration event called IGC (IPB Green Action), a youth-based project that initiatied from all members of IGAF LC IPB, Bogor.

In preparation for the event, there will be an introduction presentation including the vision and mission of CSAYN global. There will also be a special session for discuss the CSA best practices plan in Indonesia and what the youth role to take this action in further.

Aulia, Andini, Naufal, and Syarif will be the team of Bogor (West Java Province) and Faruq will be coordinator team in Semarang City (Central Java Province).