GCSAYN Executive Director participated high-level policy meeting in Dakar, Senegal

As stakeholders trudge towards the next phase post the Malabo Declaration on Africa Accelerated Agricultural Growth and Transformation, the participation of vulnerable groups like women and youth is critical in the attainment of food security.

Speaking during the panel discussion, Mr. Ntiokam Divine, the Founder and Executive Director of Climate Smart Agriculture Youth Network Global (GCSAYN) said in these uncertain times in which food security is one of the main world challenges, during a climate, environmental and political crisis, the issue of achieving the goals of the 2030 Agenda, especially those related to providing the basic conditions for a decent life, becomes crucial.

He encouraged stakeholders in Africa to ensure the conservation of the continent for future generations.

“As one of the contributors to the SDG goals-setting process, I am familiar with our vision and despite all the challenges that the past years have brought, I am deeply convinced that the realization of Agenda 2030 and the Malabo Declaration is possible if all of us work together. We, the African Youth working in agriculture and food systems, appreciate very much the efforts African Governments and International institutions are making to achieve the 2030 agenda and the Malabo commitments, and we would like to contribute actively to the implementation of the Action Plan,” he said.

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