CSAYN to Participate at CAFA event in Thailand.

The FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific with the support of the USAID funded Climate Economic Analysis for Development, Investment and Resilience (CEADIR) Activity, ASEAN CRN, GIZ, CIAT, GACSA and WBCSD is organizing a regional event on “Climate Action for Agriculture in Asia: Strengthening the role of scientific foresight and CSA in addressing NDC priorities.” This will take place between 10th – 12th October at the Viengtal Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. The event follows a regional workshop held in Bangkok in March 2017, on “Convening Private Sector Investment in Climate Smart Commodity Production in Southeast Asia,” which was organized by USAID with support from FAO and the Asia LEDS Partnership.

The overarching purpose of the event will be to strengthen the capacities of countries in Asia to achieve their NDC targets for the agriculture and land-use sectors, through improved use of scientific information in sector planning and enhanced public and private sector engagement in accelerating CSA investments.


The workshop is expected to have the following outcomes:

  1. Enhanced understanding of the valuable role that CSA could play in achieving the climate change mitigation and adaptation priorities highlighted in the NDCs of Asian countries and strengthening actions in the agriculture and land-use sectors under the Paris Agreement, through the use of foresight modelling;
  2. Improved capacity for sector-level engagement in national preparations for UNFCCC FD 2018 and COP23;
  3. Clearer vision and strategy to accelerate public and private investment to address NDC priorities for the agriculture and land-use sectors; and
  4. Identification of current gaps to strengthen foresight analysis for future policy and implementation needs under different scenarios, and preparation of preliminary plans to overcome them.


The workshop is expected to generate the following outputs: 

  • Country-specific pre-2020 Roadmap for sector-level engagement in addressing the NDC targets for agriculture and land-use sectors (including public and private actors); 
  • Country-specific strategies for private sector engagement, including recommended priority actions by key government entities and next steps for implementation; 
  • Country-specific findings on the role and importance of climate finance and stakeholder engagement in accelerating adoption of and investment in NDC action plans; and
  • A report and brief summary of the key findings of the event.

Speakers at the event include Ms. Aulia Damayanti, a member of the Global Coordinating Unit of Climate Smart Agriculture Youth Network.

Check the website for more event information.