CSAYN Launches in Indonesia

We’re so proud to have launched our CSAYN Indonesia on 22 October 2017, celebrating it with great meeting and fruitful discussion together with youth group from rural area in Jepara, Central Java. Here at Jepara Region, Central Java Province, we are always looking to improve the program that we really need to offer for youths. Therefore, in an exciting step towards enhancing our experience, we have launched our CSAYN Indonesia as a pilot project for CSAYN South East Asia Region.

With a humble and warmly feel and a new set of volunteers here, our hope CSAYN Indonesia will give new inspire for youth to increase awareness regarding sustainable agricultural. The launching started on 8 am in Bungu Village of Jepara. Youth groups from Bungu village attended this event. They actively discussed with our country coordinator, Mr Ahmad Farub on how we can increase the economy from rural area by doing creative way on agricultural sector. We also did an observational in the free field of village. One of our idea was, built a mini garden to empowerment the potency of free field to be full-benefit for us. This idea came up due the condition that actually should be use for them to support economy income from agricultural sector. So, we want to propose a project with the title of Horticulture Youth Project of Bungu Youth Group. This project aimed to get economy beneficial from agricultural sector in the rural area by doing CSA best practices in sustainable manner. We hope next time, able to engage huge amount participants of youth in Jepara, and do collaboration project with other organization or governmental stakeholder from Jepara.

We will keep updated our activity in social media, such as Instagram and Twitter of CSAYN Indonesia, because we need to publish this mater in our national and local language, we need to share our knowledge to them with easy way.