Climate Smart Agriculture Youth Network Launches 7 CSAYN Hubs Across the Globe.

Cameroon, HQ – The Climate Smart Agriculture Youth Network (CSAYN), a group of volunteers who have a strong interest in promoting climate-smart agriculture (CSA) and environmentally benign practices – launching seven hubs across the globe. Through the hubs, the CSAYN members aim to educate the young people on how to increase agricultural productivity, adapt to climate change and reduced emissions of greenhouse gases, in as many situations as possible.

The network links volunteers across the world to enables them to share their findings and ask for advice from other volunteers for their local / national / regional practical projects.

With this update, the network is launching a new communication strategy to build more collaboration and deliverables in order to continue to impact more young people and share reports with our development partners.

The idea of CSAYN Hubs is new. They will foster collaboration within the hubs and countries located in that region. CSAYN also plan use these new hubs to report activities that focus on creating awareness of the coming threats related to climate change – to sensitize the youth regarding the contributions they can make within agriculture for a better future, especially applying climate-smart practices in agriculture – to enhance the meaningful contributions of young people in livestock, fisheries and aquaculture activities.

Our CSAYN Hubs –

During the launch of the Network in Cameroon, Nigeria, Togo and DRC on 6th September 2014, the Board and the Global Coordination Unit of CSAYN stated that it was built to link different volunteers across the world who are interested in sustainable development goals and applying smart ways of achieving them. CSAYN is open and keen to forge alliances and partnerships with all organizations that are interested in promoting CSA in particular and agriculture in general among youth throughout the globe.

For more information about the network, please contact the Headquarters through P.O Box 8860, Yaoundé, Cameroon. Tel: (+237) 673359810, mail: