An Open Call for Interest!


The Youth Agro Pastoral Entrepreneurship Summit!

We have some exciting  news! On the 17th-20th July, The Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries of Cameroon (MINEPIA), the International Fund For Agricultural Development (IFAD) and the Procasur Corporation invites you to participate in the Youth Agro Pastoral Entrepreneurship Summit held in Cameroon.The widely interactive event hosted by the Youth Agro Pastoral Entrepreneurship Program is an opportunity to young entrepreneurs, development project management teams, local and central government decision makers, private agribusinesses and NGO’s representatives to bring their ingenious and innovative ideas to the 4 day summit.

What is the aim of the Event?

The main aims of this summit is to provide the following objectives:

The ability to “open opportunities and share tools to build rural youth’s entrepreneurship and leadership skills”.

“To “strengthen the inclusion of rural youth in agricultural and rural development programs, projects and policies”.

To “Boost a regional and global network of young agro-pastoral entrepreneurs that will further their activities outreach”.

And the focus?

The focus of the event will have five youth development areas addressed during the summit:

1. Educational and Vocational Training

2. Decision making processes

3. Access to markets

4. Targeted financial services

5. International asset transfer including land

These development areas will be largely focused on to improve the rural youth’s training to agricultural development.

How will it be structured?

The summit will be structured it two sessions as stated in the flyer.

Days 1 & 2-International conferences and panels: This will provide entrepreneurs and project managers to bring their innovative ideas and experiences to the table from their most recent interventions.

Days 3 & 4-Learning by doing section: This part of the session seems very practical and interactive, with various workshops and peer to peer training. The variety of the session will allow delegates to explore “concrete action plans” of rural youth.How to get involved

Fees: There will be a charge per delegate which is 500 USD per delegate. This will cover any airport pick up’s and drop off’s, training materials in french, spanish and english translation, lunch and a certificate of participation.

Contact: If you would like to be part of this summit, please contact:, or for more information, please find attached the Call Summit 2018