Stephen Armah from AgricToday Ghana appointed as GLobal Communications Lead

Mr. Stephen Armah, Executive Director of AgricToday Ghana appointed as the GCSAYN Global Comminications Lead

In a communication to the Board & Membership, the Executive Director of GCSAYN Mr. Divine Ntiokam informed that ” God has blessed is with Mr. Stephen Armah from Agric Today, with great communication skills & already working on agriculture related issues based in Ghana. He has huge experience and loves his job, as he coordinates a lot of national, regional and globals agendas as far as communications is concerned.  He will henceforth serve as the GCSAYN Global Communications Lead and take decisions on behalf of the entire Network as from now till 2030 except other wise, he is currently setting up his team to assist with communications & social media presence.

Further “wish to invite us all to thank Mr. Foretia Divine for his leadership and support towards ensuring the visibility of GCSAYN on social media and beyond. The reason being GCSAYN is a framework to ensure each member gets empowered and exposed , once we see that in a team leader , we feel happy to get to office new faces for new solutions and innovation” Mr. Divine said.