Mandela Day Event in Zambia

As mentioned above indeed our Mandela day event was a success despite having a lot of challenges interns of time, venue and resources but I must say am looking toward hosting such event in the future. Considering the proposed plan and ideas, our expectation was met and the fallowing specific points was observed;

1. Our target audience was a huge success about 28 youths between the age of 17-35 attended this was calculated based on the Sign sheet we provided. We also managed to get their phone numbers and emails for followups.

2. The initial budget for the event was under estimated but we still managed to remain with a few drinks and water that can serve as refreshment on our next event.

3. The date, time and venue proposed worked out to be perfect since we used a training center and most people knew about it.

4. The program was expected to take place within 3 hours but we went over 1 more hour which became a not boring for the participants but we will make sure to keep time next time.

5. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to get any stakeholder to attend the even due to the fact that our venue was changed last minute and we didn’t have enough time redo our letters. But we hope to be more organized this time around as we prepare for our launch and trainings. Otherwise, please see attached pictures that we managed to retrieve and I hope they will be of use to One CSAYN team. On this note, I would like to apologized for the delay and not being able to presen a proper report, but I hope to get my laptop fixed for easier communications.