COP23: Meeting between CSAYN and IFAD at Bonn, Germany

It is the 8th of November, 2017 at around 9:00AM German Time when Elizabeth Gulugulu and Amanda Namayi meet outside the MacDonald’s near the Cologne Railroad Station. The temperatures are at an outstanding 3°Celcius, which is quite cold for two young African girls from the Tropics. Their host, Nala Mueller, waves at them to signal that she was ready for them. One delegate, however, had not yet arrived at the designated meeting point and that was Mr. Abiy Shimelis. Nala and the girls patiently wait for him and Abiy eventually turns up, shivering just like any African person would at such low temperatures. It turns out that Mr. Goshu had gotten lost and had alighted at the wrong train station.

All the delegates are happy to meet each other for the first time and they head straight to the Bula Zone to kick start on their assignments as there was no time to waste!

Intro Image 1

From left: Amanda Namayi, Abiy Shimelis and Elizabeth Gulugulu outside the Bonn Zone.

The trio of Abiy, Amanda and Elizabeth register themselves at the Bula Zone first then head over to the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) stand for a debrief meeting with the IFAD team.

Intro Image 2

The CSAYN delegates receive their badges after registration

The CSAYN delegation was welcomed warmly by Brian Thompson, Alessia Valentini, Ricci Simmons, and Ilaria Firmian of IFAD who expressed their sigh of relief that at least three members from the initial delegation of six; were able to make it to COP23.

Intro Image 3

Brian Thompson of IFAD (right) enjoys a laugh with Elizabeth Gulugulu of CSAYN (left)


Intro Image 4

From left: Mr. Amath Pathe and Ms. Ilaria Firmian of IFAD with Abiy Shimelis, Amanda Namayi and Elizabeth Gulugulu of CSAYN

Mr. Amath Pathe, technical leader of IFAD’s delegation, then gave the CSAYN team pointers and tips ahead of their side event on Youth Engagement in Agriculture that was going to be held the next day. He advised the CSAYN team to get in touch with the speakers for the day and to consolidate all their presentations before the actual event begun. After the debrief meeting with the IFAD team; Abiy, Elizabeth and Amanda made efforts to communicate with the speakers and also went to visit the room designated for their event.

Intro Image 5

Outside Meeting Room 2 where the CSAYN event was going to be held

Once the CSAYN team had ascertained that all systems were in place ahead of their event, they finally headed home for their much deserved rest.

Intro Image 6

From Left: Nala Mueller, Elizabeth Gulugulu and Amanda Namayi in the car as they head to their residence.

Intro Image 7

From left: Abiy Shimelis, Amanda Namayi and Elizabeth Gulugulu with one of the speakers; Catherine Mungai of Climate Change Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS)