1st International Conference on ‘Transforming Food System in Africa through Climate Smart Agriculture’

The overall goal of the conference is to promote the development of innovative research for transforming the food system in Africa through climate-smart agriculture by providing a platform for knowledge sharing, learning, and networking among university and non-university researchers.

This conference cover the following sub-themes:

  • Theme 1: Climate Smart Agricultural Technologies and Practices
  • Theme 2: Climate-informed Services for Agriculture and Food Systems
  • Theme 3: Climate Risk Management in Agriculture and Resilient Economy
  • Theme 4: Biotechnology for Climate-Resilient Agriculture
  • Theme 5: Agro-ecology for Sustainable Food System
  • Theme 6: Biodiversity and Nature-Based Solution for Climate Risk Management
  • Theme 7: Food systems and Markets in the Changing Climate
  • Theme 8: Gender, Policies, and Institutions for Sustainable Food System

Abstracts should be submitted at http://huaceconfhub.haramaya.edu.et/index.html no later than 23rd September 2022. All submitted abstracts will be subjected to critical review, and if accepted, the author will be invited to submit the full paper. Papers that is presented at the conference will be subjected to peer review and published in the special issue of the East African Journal of Sciences (https://www.ajol.info/index.php/eajsci) and conference proceedings.